Before We Fall in Love Again

Before We Fall in Love Again Movie Poster

Two men bond over unusual circumstances in this moody drama from filmmaker James Lee. Chang (Chye Chee Keong) is married to Ling Yue (Amy Len), but their relationship has been going through a rough patch, and one day Chang discovers his wife has left him without any word of where she's gone.

Ling Yue has been gone for nearly a month when Chang gets a visit from his friend Tong (Pete Teo), who has a confession to make -- he and Ling Yue had been having an affair.

However, Tong doesn't know where she's gone either, and as the two men try to figure out what to do about the woman they love, they find themselves comparing notes on their lives with her. Nian Ni Ru Xi (aka Before We Fall In Love Again) was voted Best Asian Film at the 2007 Bangkok International Film Festival.

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