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Pippa McGee (Heather Graham ) is a bridesmaid. Again!

Taking a weekend break from her freewheeling life as a travel writer and toxic bachelorette, Pippa returns to her hometown to serve as yet another bridesmaid at yet another wedding. From the moment she gets off the plane, it’s a disaster. Jet-lagged and behind schedule, Pippa makes a wedding spectacle of herself, downing martinis, dirty dancing and hitting on strangers.

She struggles home tipsy, prompting an argument with her father Malcolm (Bruce Gray), a tyrannical widower and publishing mogul. In the morning, she wakes up to discover Malcolm has had a heart attack. Later, lying frail in his hospital bed, Malcolm has only one thing on his mind: he needs an editor for one of his magazines. In a desperate effort to please him, Pippa volunteers, which magazine? Travel, design, the arts? No. He needs her to run Wedding Bells.

Can Pippa McGee adapt to a 9-to-5 life? Write about puffy dresses after trekking in Bali? Deal with being reminded on a daily basis that she is 29 years old and completely, utterly single?

Director: Thom Fitzgerald
Cast: Daniel MacIvor, Josh Peace, Carroll Godsman, Jonathan Torrens, Jack Griffin Mazeika, Joe Dallesandro, Valentine Hooven, Jack LaLanne, Jim Lassiter, Joe Leitel Martin, Wayne Stanley, Russ Warner
Writer(s): Thom Fitzgerald

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