Becoming Redwood

Becoming Redwood Movie Poster

When he was just two years old, Redwood Forrest Hanson's mother left him with his father. As the little boy watched her walk away, he heard on the radio that Jack Nicklaus had won the 1969 Masters Tournament.

Now 11, Redwood (Ryan Grantham) lives in Canada with his draft dodger father, a hippie who deals drugs. All Redwood wants is for his parents to get back together, and he believes he can make it happen by beating Jack Nicklaus at the Masters.

When his father's arrested, Redwood is relocated to Northern California to live with his estranged mother, his militant stepfather and two not-so-friendly stepbrothers. However, his step-grandfather, Earl (Scott Hylands), reveals a secret golf tip to the boy that may help him in his quest to beat the world's greatest golfer and finally make his dream of reuniting his parents come true.

Director: Jesse James Miller
Producer(s): Chad Willett, Joely Collins
Cast: Ryan Grantham, Jennifer Copping, Chad Willett, Derek Hamilton, Scott Hylands, Viv Leacock
Writer(s): Jesse James Miller
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