Battle Beyond the Stars

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In Theaters: December 25, 1980 (limited)

PG | 1h 44m | Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Produced by Roger Corman and scripted by John Sayles, Battle Beyond the Stars is a cheerfully blatant imitation of The Seven Samurai (or at least the American remake The Magnificent Seven). A peaceloving planet is attacked by malevolent aliens. The powers-that-be hire a group of mercenaries, headed by George Peppard, to protect the planet from harm.

Peppard's contingent includes squeaky-clean Richard Thomas Jr. and statuesque Sybil Danning. John Saxon goes through his usual paces as the villain, while the supporting players include such dependables as Sam Jaffe, Jeff Corey, and, from Magnificent Seven itself, Robert Vaughn.

Keep an eye out for Julia Duffy as Mol. A deft blend of standard sci-fi action and knowing inside humor, Battle Beyond the Stars was one of Corman's biggest hits of the 1980s-not to mention an endless supply of stock footage for future New World Productions.

Director: Jimmy Murakami
Producer(s): Ed Carlin
Cast: Robert Vaughn, Sam Jaffe, George Peppard, Darlanne Fluegel, Steve Davis, Jeff Corey, Richard Thomas, Sybil Danning, Morgan Woodward, Julia Duffy, Marta Kristen
Writer(s): John Sayles
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