Baby Blues

Baby Blues Movie Poster

Josie Paterson is attempting to start her life over after a tragic incident changed the life she previously knew forever. She gets a job at a small town diner and attempts to establish new relationships. However, the shame over her past mistakes prevents her from getting close to anyone.

Then, an unlikely friendship with a kind hearted co-worker, Mani, and a romance with a young, drifter musician named Max challenge Josie to recognize that she can't hide from her past forever. These unlikely connections give Josie the strength to reconnect with the young son she thought she lost forever.
Director: Dylan Pearce
Studio: North American Film Theatrical Corporation
Producer(s): Darren Arsenault, Derek Bellemore, Dylan Pearce, Jeff Nadalin
Cast: Jenny Levine, Sean O'Neill, Melanie Scrofano, Michie Mee
Writer(s): Ryan Nasserdeen
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