Azhagiya Tamil Magan

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2h 32m | Action/Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Guru (Vijay), a business management student, falls in love with a rich girl Abhinaya (Shriya), daughter of a business magnate. Guru is a nice guy who believes in doing good; love blossoms and the parents agree to the marriage. Guru, blessed with extra sensory perception, starts seeing things that would happen in the future.

One vision shows that he will kill Abhinaya. To avert this gory fate, Guru goes to Mumbai. There, he runs into Namitha who takes your eye in a delightful cameo. Prasad, the bad guy (played by Vijay, in dual role) lands in Chennai and runs into Abhinaya, who mistakes him for Guru! The bad guy soon gets engaged to Abhi.

How the situation is resolved and how Guru gets Abhi is the movie!! You will enjoy the film purely for the delight of watching Vijay essaying his dual role with élan and verve as well as for the music of A.R. Rahman & Balasubramaniam's camera work.

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