At Any Second (In jeder Sekunde)

At Any Second (In jeder Sekunde) Movie Poster

A vulnerable doctor discovers that fate can push you in a new direction at the drop of a hat when he succumbs to the advances of a strong, self-assured woman in this soul-searching drama from cinematographer-turned-director Jan Fehse.

Dr. Fricke has grown accustomed to caring for others; his patients at the hospital are constantly crying out for help, and his daughter back home is suffering through a grueling terminal illness. Meanwhile, a woman named Sarah has just dumped her coke-addicted in a desperate attempt to pull her life together.

Falling in love with Ben, Sarah believes senses a real chance to get a fresh start. But for all of loves brightness, it can also burn.

When the married Dr. Fricke senses an opportunity to relinquish his all-consuming role of caretaker in both his personal and professional lives, he grabs hold without considering that the consequences could scald him in ways he never anticipated.

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