Apollo 11

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User review rating: 5 March 12, 2019

The production of this documentary was amazing. They used all the top of the line equipment to upscale the original 1969 footage that makes it look like it's today. Everything they show from behind scenes footage and footage that aired on network television at that time is shown in a breathtaking way that hasn't ever been shown in that way. You are shown everything so up close and it all looks so huge it's like you were there. It's obviously been made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first moonlanding and was released right on time as well. They do there absolute best to try to prove all the doubters wrong that they indeed went to the moon and man do they ever do a great job showing you what appears to be there ship circling the moon and it looks so real as well as showing the astronauts in the ship floating, eating, and shaving. However as great of a job they did cleaning up questionable footage for example the old original footage that was shown where the astronauts are supposed to be showing the earth through the window of the space craft and you see this hand come out of nowhere covering the earth ans you see this light that many skeptics have accused of being a film studio light as well as them trying use a reflection light to make it look like they further from the earth than they actually were was all cleaned up in this documentary. You don't see any of those lights or the hand that appears to be using a reflecter.

User review rating: 5 March 09, 2019

Absolutely fantastic film ! I am amazed at the monumental task this was , and how many billions of details had to be worked out to achieve it . Even if you think you've seen and read everything about the moon landing , think again and go see this flick .... you won't be sorry .

User review rating: 5 March 06, 2019

Its incredible!!!!! Going into it, I didn't know a whole lot about it since I wasn't born yet but it was very interesting and a huge eye opener to what went on during those missions.

User review rating: 5 March 02, 2019

Loved this documentary. I was about 9 years old when this space mission to the Moon took place. There is so much more that happened that we didn't see on tv and it's all here from archive NASA film that looks great in IMAX. Watching 6 million pounds of rocket take off of the launch pad the separating of stages, the graphics describing each part of the mission, the moon landing with footage mixed with hd photos of the moon was breath taking. I was looking around during moments just to look at the audience and people were transfixed. Leaving the theater I thought " if we could do all this in the 60s imagine what we could do today."

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