Angel Face

In a seedy Mediterranean town, Marlene, 30, ruins her fifth marriage when she disappears from her wedding reception, only to be caught in bed with a stranger by her new husband and her eight-year-old daughter Elli. Marlene sinks temporarily into depression, but soon goes back to partying with her best friend.

After picking up another stranger in a nightclub, Marlene suggests Elli take a cab home alone. Elli tries to take care of her mother, but left to her own devices, the little girl, who has developed her mother's penchant for drinking, earns money by giving kisses in the washroom at school.

Without any parental guidance, Elli spirals into the same vortex as her mother, with tragic consequences.

Director: Vanessa Filho
Studio: Axia Films
Producer(s): Carole Lambert, Marc Missonnier
Cast: Marion Cotillard, Ayline Aksoy-Etaix, Alban Lenoir, Amélie Daure, Nade Dieu, Stéphane Rideau
Writer(s): Vanessa Filho

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