Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma

Amnesia: The James Brighton Enigma Movie Poster

A young American wakes up naked in a parking lot in Old Montreal. He doesn’t know who he is, how he got there or anything about his past. He’s sure of only one thing—he’s gay. After a stay at a hospital, the young man, who believes his name is James Brighton, is taken home by Professor Felix Blain, a member of S.O.S. Gay, an organization that has launched a media campaign to find the family of the amnesiac.

However, one evening, the professor is arrested for stealing the identity of his brother, a Pentecostal minister in Tennessee. A year later, the case of James Brighton, whose name is actually Matthew Honeycutt, piques the curiosity of the Sylvie police force’s archivist.

Studio: K Films Amerique
Writer(s): Bertrand Lachance, Denis Langlois

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