American Cycle

American Cycle Movie Poster

Two young men, Danny Ramirez and Patrick Zagorski, began their adulthood furthering their education. Both were forced to drop out of school due to differing circumstances. After a few years working the grind, neither felt content with their current position in life. They concluded that there must be something more waiting for them on the road ahead.

Instead of waiting, they took to that road to see for themselves. They would begin in Savannah, GA, the city in which they went to school, the city in which they met.

Although their destination was Los Angeles, their journey would be the unknown.The film is more than just a fly-on-the-wall documentary that follows Danny and Pat as they spend the days biking across the country and the nights camping out in the wilderness. It's also a timeless snapshot of the American landscape and the open road that so many have traveled.

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