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On DVD/VOD: September 23, 2014

1h 23m | Action/Adventure, Documentary, Family

A small domesticated Capuchin monkey has to survive in the Amazon forest after the plane carrying him crashes. He must learn how to stay alive in the unfamiliar and often hostile environment. The monkey will face a raging river and torrential rains and will cross paths with threatening reptiles and numerous dangerous animals such as jaguars. But his journey will also lead him to the discovery of more harmless animals, such as sloths and colorful parrots. Finally he will meet his own kind, which will allow him to adapt to this new wildlife habitat. Following the example of other monkeys, the Capuchin will learn how to hide in the trees and find food.

Director: Thierry Ragobert
Studio: Les Films Séville
Producer(s): Caio Gullane, Débora Ivanov, Fabiano Gullane, Gabriel Lacerda, Laurent Baujard, Stéphane Millière
Writer(s): Thierry Ragobert, Luc Marescot, Louis-Paul Desanges, Luiz Bolognesi, Johanne Bernard

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