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All Nighter - Official Trailer

1,115 Views | 2:01 | Uploaded on Jan 09, 2017

The premiere trailer for the comedy All Nighter begins in a swanky restaurant, as Ginnie (Analeigh Tipton) warmly greets her father Mr. Gallo (J.K. Simmons) and introduces him to her new boyfriend Martin (Emile Hirsch). While Ginnie appears excited to dine with the two men in her life, Martin is terrified and Mr. Gallo looks suspicious. After some awkward conversation, Martin caps off the night by spilling his drink on Mr. Gallo.

Cut to six months later, and Martin lies alone in his dump of an apartment. He's suddenly awakened by Mr. Gallo at his door, who's looking for Ginnie. "We broke up," Martin informs him, unsure of her whereabouts. With no one else to turn to, the straight-laced Mr. Gallo asks the clumsy Martin to accompany him on his search for his daughter, sending the polar opposites on a hilarious goose chase around the city.

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