Acting Up a Storm: Fringe Actors Film Festival

Acting Up a Storm: Fringe Actors Film Festival Movie Poster

Several of Winnipeg's acting finest have presented some great performances in short films from the independent film community—we've dug around and discovered some gems—Mike Bell in Jason LaPyere's DIRECTOR'S CUT, Muriel Hogue and Jeff Skinner in Brendon Sawatzky's MIGRAINE, Tom Keenan and Andrew Cecon in Ryan McKenna's KNIGHTS OF THE BLUE COLLAR, Sharon Bajer's Star Trek spoof Star Trek "IT'S SO ILLOGICAL," Darcy Fehr and Vic Cowie in Guy Maddin's COWARDS BEND THE KNEE, Talia Pura, Darcy Fehr and Wayne Nicklas in Talia Pura's THE STRAWBERRY CONFESSION, Graham Ashmore in Patrick Lowe's A BIT TRANSCENDENTAL, Arlea Ashcroft in Tammy Jones F__k It !, Donna Lewis in Shereen Jerrett's THE WALTZ and many more!

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