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1h 25m | Comedy

Aya and Temelko have known each other since childhood. For those around them, it's been obvious for a long time that these two are destined to marry. But when their small village, located in a forgotten fold of the former USSR, runs out of water due to a poorly maintained pipeline, only the women realize the severity and urgency of the situation. Exasperated by the inactivity of their husbands, they join forces and begin a sex strike. Soon, the village is divided into two opposing factions. Aware that his future with Aya may be compromised, Temelko tries on his own to save the honor of the men of the village.

Director: Veit Helmer
Studio: Veit Helmer Filmproduktion
Producer(s): Veit Helmer
Cast: Kristyna Malérová, Max Mauff, Ilko Stefanovski, Assun Planas
Writer(s): Zaza Buadze, Veit Helmer, Gordan Mihic

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