À trois, Marie s'en va

À trois, Marie s'en va Movie Poster

Upset after being dumped by her boyfriend, Marie-Laurence arrives at the cottage rented by her best friend Delphine and her husband, Simon. Delphine welcomes the young woman warmly and assures her she can stay as long as she wants. Simon seems sympathetic, but immediately asks how long she'll be there, reminding her that Delphine only has one week of vacation. One evening while they're playing cards, Marie-Laurence and Simon have an argument. Delphine takes her husband's side against her best friend and Marie-Laurence leaves in tears. Simon goes after her and brings her back to the cottage, where they develop a connection. That evening, both spend a sleepless night while Delphine does not know what to think.

Director: Anne-Marie Ngô
Studio: Locomotion Distribution
Producer(s): Anne-Marie Ngô, Daniel Vigneault
Cast: Delphine Bienvenu, Marie-Laurence Moreau, Simon Rousseau
Writer(s): Anne-Marie Ngô

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