A Passage to Ottawa

A Passage to Ottawa Movie Poster

Omi (Mehta) is an eight-year-old East Indian boy who arrives in Ottawa to live with his uncle's family, due to his mother's illness back home. Unaware that his mother is dying, Omi is determined to find a hero to take back to India to save her. He connects with Roland, the black captain of a local tour boat. But Omi has doubts about Roland, because he thinks "heroes are white."

Safia, Omi's teenaged cousin/assigned babysitter, herself of "mixed up" heritage, points out that "heroes can be any color you want them to be." In fact, it turns out Safia and Roland are romatically attracted to each other.
Director: Gaurav Seth
Studio: Starr Schein
Producer(s): Raj Gupta, Rashmi-Rekha Gupta
Cast: Nabil Mehta, Jim Codrington, Amy Sobal
Writer(s): Nabil Mehta

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