A No-hit, No-run Summer

A No-hit, No-run Summer Movie Poster

Summer '69. Men are walking on the Moon. In a farmer's field in upstate New York, Woodstock is about to happen. Martin is 12-years-old and dreams of playing on the neighborhood baseball team. When he doesn't make the cut, his father steps in and organizes a B team. After the initial euphoria, Martin realizes that his team's biggest talent is finding new ways to lose and that his father doesn't know a thing about baseball, 12-year-old boys or his very own son.

Unexpectedly thrown together, father and son spend a summer full of hope and disappointment, surprises and foul balls. A summer to remember—for both of them.

Director: Francis Leclerc
Studio: Alliance Films
Producer(s): Barbara Shrier
Cast: Roy Dupuis, Patrice Robitaille, Pier-Luc Funk, Jacinthe Laguë
Writer(s): Marc Robitaille

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