A Night For Dying Tigers

A Night For Dying Tigers Movie Poster

Jack (Gil Bellows), the eldest and surrogate patriarch since the death of their parents, is leaving for jail in the morning to serve a five-year sentence for killing a rapist. His wife Melanie (Jennifer Beals), a sophisticated professional photographer, is doing her best to keep up appearances while the other members of this highly dysfunctional pack hide their grief and problems in a clumsy manner. Russell (John Pyper-Ferguson), a well-known writer and English professor, has moved from the loneliness of the blank page to the excitement of the sheets with ex-student and admirer Carly (Leah Gibson).

Patrick (Tygh Runyan), the youngest of the three brothers, is an arrogant filmmaker on the rise and unable to let go of his love for his adopted sister Karen (Lauren Lee Smith), the loose cannon of the family. These disparate individuals are no candidates for a happy reunion, as confirmed by the rivalries and resentments that soon surface. And the party is just getting started, with unexpected guests, fights and bitter revelations ahead.

Producer(s): Sidney Chiu, Terry Miles
Cast: Jennifer Beals, Gil Bellows, Lauren Lee Smith, Kathleen Robertson, Tygh Runyan, Daniel Cudmore
Writer(s): Terry Miles

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