A Hijacking

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On DVD: October 22, 2013

R | 1h 43m | Thriller

Mikkel, who works as a cook on a Danish cargo ship, is looking forward to returning home to his wife and daughter, when the ship is attacked by Somali pirates, who take the crew hostage in return for $15 million ransom.

Ignoring the advice of an expert hired to handle the negotiations, the company's CEO Peter decides to deal directly via phone with the hostage-takers. Weeks and months pass without a compromise. The impasse undermines the morale of his employees and of the families of the hostages. On board the ship, the crew is kept in increasingly miserable conditions as they begin to lose hope of ever seeing their families again.

Director: Tobias Lindholm
Studio: Cinéma du Parc
Producer(s): Rene Ezra, Tomas Radoor
Cast: Pilou Asbaek, Søren Malling, Dar Salim, Roland Møller, Gary Skjoldmose Porter, Abdihakin Asgar
Writer(s): Tobias Lindholm
Official Site: www.magpictures.com/ahijacking

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