A Good Man (Un buen hombre)

A Good Man (Un buen hombre) Movie Poster

What actions should take when one witnesses one's most trusted mentor and advisor committing uxoricide?

That is the plight that befalls Vicente (Tristan Ulloa); a lower-level professor at a Law School in Spain, he not only regards senior professor Fernando (Emilio Gutierrez Aragon) as his closest friend and colleague, but relies on Fernando for counsel and direction, as a father figure and an emotional anchor.

That begins to change rather rapidly when Vicente catches Fernando brutally murdering his beloved wife. Vincente cannot quite force himself to turn Fernando in, but even after Fernando offers a convincing explanation, Vincente can neither forgive Fernando nor drive the images out of his mind.

Instead of running to the police, Vincente remains silent (which makes him an accomplice), yet tells Fernando to permanently stay out of his life. Then additional bodies begin to pile up.

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