A Cargo to Africa

A Cargo to Africa Movie Poster
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1h 30m | Drama, Romance

Two destinies intersect.

Norbert has worked for 20 years in Africa. Either out of idealism or because he was forced to flee his country of origin. When he returns, it's despite himself and without papers. Now Norbert has only one goal: to be deported back to Africa where he lived and worked. Above all, not to be stuck in Canada, where he feels useless… And in danger.

Norbert plans to stow away on a cargo ship headed for Africa. But he must get rid of Trotsky, his pet monkey. He has no choice but to abandon the small primate in a park... and hope that someone will pick him up. But an annoying kid spoils his plan by witnessing it and quickly bringing back the monkey. "Why are you dumping your pet? You’re disgusting!"

What starts as a confrontation evolves slowly to a true companionship.

Director: Roger Cantin
Studio: K-Films Amérique
Producer(s): Chantal Lafleur, Rock Demers
Cast: Pierre Lebeau, Julien Adam, Louise Richer, Alexis Martin
Writer(s): Virginie Jaffredo

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