A Barge and Its Wind

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1h 10m | Thriller

In the early winter months of 2011, an unmarked barge docked at the Port of Cleveland, Ohio, changing everything. On the ship was an experimental, chemical weapon that accidentally leaked into the atmosphere turning the shore line into a blood tide. The federal government zoned off sections of the city, wherein extraction points were designated for civilians to take refuge.

A group of 3 close friends and 1 stranger are some of the many that are straggling behind trying to locate a safe house.Terrified and freezing, the group traverse into a factory for a temporary, safety lay over from the threat and cold weather outside.

They soon discover that they're not alone. The building has a dark history and has a much greater purpose for all of them.

A Barge and Its Wind is a Supernatural Art House Thriller that is a very confrontational, demanding, and controversial exploration of the human condition with open ends and quite possibly, completely inaccessible to some that view it. Completely filmed in Cleveland, Ohio on a shoestring budget, the film packs a prolific, transgressive punch for low budget film making. Be warned.

Director: Keitj T. Alin

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