3:19 (Nada es casualidad)

3:19 (Nada es casualidad) Movie Poster

A man in his mid-twenties reveals an unusual attitude about love and mortality in this offbeat romantic drama. Ilan (Miguel Angel Silvestre) is a mathematician who has unique ideas about love -- he believes that a connection between two people is like a formula that's dependent on the right set of random integers falling into place.

That doesn't stop Ilan and his pals Eric (Felix Gomez) and Andy (Juan Diaz) from spending their free time looking for the ideal woman, and one day when they're in a café and Ilan spies beautiful Lisa (Barbara Goenaga) playing his favorite song on the jukebox, he suspects he may have finally found the girl for him.

However, not long after encountering the woman of his dreams, Ilan learns that he's contracted a virulent form of melanoma that can only be treated with radical chemotherapy.

To the chagrin of his mother (Diana Bracho), Ilan decides against the treatment and instead decides to take his chances with fate, and he similarly chooses to let Lisa come to him in his final months -- if they are meant to be together, she'll approach him, and otherwise he'll regard their meeting as a brief moment of good fortune. 3:19 was the first feature film from writer and director Danny Saadia, and was adapted from his award-winning short film Genesis 3:19.

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