3 soeurs en 2 temps

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1h 35m | Documentary

During the winter of 2001, The Theatre of Opsis decided to produce the Chekhov play The Three Sisters. Accustomed to in-depth explorations of the texts of the classic playwright, the Montreal troupe tried a daring experiment: two directors voluntarily work in parallel with their actors while being unaware of the work of the other.

Thus, while Luce Pelletier directs the characters as they appear in the original play, Denis Bernard imagines them thirty years later. When the two groups meet for the first time, they have four weeks to meld the two universes into one show, with the help of artistic director Serge Denoncourt.

Director: Benoît Pilon
Studio: Cinéma Libre
Producer(s): Benoît Pilon
Writer(s): Benoît Pilon

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