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On Digital: October 2, 2020

On VOD: October 2, 2020

1h 56m | Science-Fiction

In 2067, Earth is on the verge of collapse after humans have done too little to reverse climate change. Plant and most animals are is extinct. A dramatic reduction in oxygen has led to manufactured oxygen, but with it being the only source of breathable air, it's making millions sick.

Despite efforts to find a cure, no advances have been made. Chronicorp, the world’s leading supplier of synthetic oxygen, has built a quantum time machine that pings the future in search of a connection with their descendants. They receive a response: a message from 400 years in the future that simply reads "Send Ethan Whyte." Unwittingly, Ethan (Kodi Smit-McPhee), a reclusive utility worker, barrels into the future as humanity and his sick wife's last hope. He arrives in a new world... completely alone. As he draws closer to the truth and uncovers an unthinkable conspiracy, he is faced with the ultimate question—who sent the message?

Director: Seth Larney
Producer(s): Jason Taylor, Kate Croser, Lisa Shaunessy
Cast: Kodi Smit-McPhee, Ryan Kwanten, Deborah Mailman, Andy McPhee, Aaron Glenane
Writer(s): Seth Larney

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