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4.20 / 5

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User review rating: 5 August 30, 2018

Still one of the best serious sci fi movies ever made. Beautiful transition from the dawn of intelligent thought and the use of tools by primates to humankind in space.... Newtonian phisics accurately complied with, when motion in space was the subject - how beautifully rendered the sequence of the shuttle from Earth matching the many motions of the space station when proceeding to docking with it - I'll never be able to ever think/visualize anything else when listening to Strauss' Blue Danube... Also the possible threat by AI to humans: indeed, the chance that a supercomputer would be capable of thougts/feelings independent of an encoded algorithm is rather farfetched...nevertheless how prescient of an AI threat back in 1968.... Third time I saw this movie and I'm never tired of it......

User review rating: 1 August 24, 2018

I got upset at the start, very ear breaking sound with no pics at all about 10 minutes. I like the apes though. Again an unnecessary very loud noise and stupid changing colors who knows what right after the intermission. I wish I could get a refund. The story with the astronauts and the main computer unrealistic.

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