13 Princess Trees (Shi san ke pao tong)

13 Princess Trees (Shi san ke pao tong) Movie Poster

Adapted from the novel Blade Vs. Blade by author Ha Decao, director Lu Yue's controversial tale of teenage delinquency concerning the crumbling social structure of a typical Chinese high school.

Spiky haired, blade-wielding tomboy Feng (Liu Xin) has a thing for pretty Taotao (Duan Bown), a girl whose home life is a wreck thanks to her violent, abusive father. Lately, Taotao has been shifting her attentions towards Eva (Luo Yadan), a studious young girl with only one leg.

Meanwhile, as Feng's friend Jojo (Wang Jing) contends with how to handle a rather inappropriate crush, newly arrived student Bao (Zhao Mengqiao) attempts to establish his authority in the hallways by making life a living hell for well-to-do classmate Ali (Chen Keliang).

Before long, Ali and Feng have formed an unlikely alliance and everything starts to change.

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