100% bio

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On DVD/VOD: June 22, 2004

1h 41m | Comedy

Claude, a shy, ill-at-ease filmmaker wants to do a biographical film about famous former TV host Serge Laprade (played by Laprade himself), who now makes his living by doing infomercials.

Laprade initially agrees to cooperate, but when archival footage from his years in television leaves him feeling bitter about the medium that brought him fame, he decides to drop the project and disappears.

Director: Claude Fortin
Studio: Cinéma Libre
Producer(s): Brigitte Lacasse
Cast: Serge Laprade, Brigitte Lacasse, Michel Mongeau, Gaston L'Heureux, Aline Caron
Writer(s): Claude Fortin, Serge Laprade

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