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A woman gets a new lease on life when she finds her time is almost up in this comedy-drama from the Philippines.

Joyce De Leon (Mylene Dizon) is a woman in her early thirties who has enjoyed success in her professional life but not as much personally; she's a well-to-do executive but hasn't found the man of her dreams and has been sleeping with Rod (T.J. Trinidad), who is married and in no hurry to leave his wife.

After a visit to the doctor, Joyce receives a startling diagnosis -- she has inoperable cancer and can't count on living much more than six months.

Shocked by the news, Joyce leaves her job and decides to put her life in order -- she makes a list of one hundred things she wants to do before she dies and writes each on a Post-It note, sticking them to her wall and taking one down when she finished that task.

Beginning with buying a coffin, Joyce sets out to enjoy what little time she has left, indulging in playful hedonism with her best friend Ruby (Eugene Domingo) and taking a chance on love with former schoolmate Emil (Ryan Eigenmann) after calling it quits with Rod.

But one of Joyce's most important tasks proves to be the hardest -- telling her mother that her daughter isn't going to outlive her. 100 was the first directorial assignment for screenwriter Chris Martinez; his work earned the film the Audience Award at the 2008 Pusan International Film Festival.

Director: Chris Martinez

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