Wiener-Dog - Official Trailer

5,057 Views | 1:36 | Uploaded on Jul 05, 2016

In the official trailer for Wiener-Dog, a daschund has a variety of oddball owners. One is an older man who constantly swears at the dog. Next, the dog is with a young boy who appears to love her, but whose mother tells him dogs are not human, therefore nature doesn't care about them.

A young man (Kieran Culkin) is seen petting the dog and asking a young woman (Greta Gerwig) if she'd like to go to Ohio to score some crystal meth. A middle-aged man (Danny DeVito) tells his doctor he gets exercise by walking his dog, but his doctor doesn't consider that to be enough. An elderly woman (Ellen Burstyn) with a shady past reveals she's named the daschund "Cancer."


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