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Novalee Nation (Portman), is 17, pregnant, and has never been part of a real home. She has fallen in with a selfish, would-be musician, Willy Jack whom she consideres her boyfriend.

While traveling from Tennessee to California in an ancient Plymouth, they stop for a bathroom break, at an Oklahoma Wal-Mart. But when she leaves the store, she discovers that Willy Jack and the Plymouth are gone. Only her Polaroid camera remains in the parking space.

Alone and broke, Novalee surreptitiously moves into the vast store, stealing food and supplies from its shelves to survive. When she gives birth on the floor - and her hideaway is revealed - Novalee and her "Wal-Mart Baby" become instant celebrities.

Over the next few years, Novalee becomes part of an unconventional, makeshift family consisting of some eccentric new friends. Now, with the family she always wanted, Novalee is transformed from a homeless teen to a successful and strong woman.


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