'Welcome to Marwen' Trailer #2

20,047 Views | 2:26 | Uploaded on Jul 23, 2018

In the second trailer for Welcome to Marwen, we learn that illustrator Mark Hogancamp (Steve Carell) was attacked one night by five strangers and left for dead. The bartender where this occurred says it's a miracle Mark is alive. Mark wakes up in terror one night. It becomes clear that this is now a regular occurrence for him. Mark struggles to be able to walk again. Surrounded by strong women, he begins to build a model town, in which the women protect him from five evil soldiers. He explains to Nicol (Leslie Mann) that all his memories from before the night of his attack are gone, so he depends on his dolls to tell him a story. When it comes time to face his attackers, Mark draws strength from his town in order to be able to show up in court. 


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