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John Munn (Dermot Mulroney) is a hardworking father raising two sons, Chris (Jamie Bell) and Tim (Devon Alan). A hog farmer and taxidermist, John keeps his family in an isolated farmhouse in the woods. Chris, the older boy, feels restricted: his father relies on him to do much of the work (Chris' younger brother Tim is sickly), but Chris knows there's a world outside the family he's yearning to explore.

The family is confronted by the unexpected arrival of John's brother, Deel (Josh Lucas), just out of jail. Full of charm, swagger, and driving a hot car, Deel is looking to settle an old score.

In a flash of violence, Deel's lust for revenge boils over and shatters the family. The boys barely escape with their lives and a sack of gold coins -- family heirlooms their father inherited from his father. Because Deel is hot on their trail, the boys must seek food and shelter with the utmost care.


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