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Boris Plotz (Alfred Molina), Director of Plotz Funeral Homes, dreamed of only two things as a young boy -- dancing and Betty (Brenda Blethyn). Betty secretly loved Boris, but could not fight her father's wishes, so she was married off to a gold digger. Boris gave up his dreams and took over the family's undertaking business. Everything has remained status quo in their lives until Betty's mother-in-law dies. Boris and Betty are thrust together again and as they discuss the funeral arrangements, the old spark is rekindled.

Her funeral will be held at Plotz Funeral Homes, much to the chagrin of rival funeral director Frank Featherbed (Christopher Walken). Featherbed, an American, is determined to revolutionize the undertaking business in Wales through the innovation of "theme" funerals. Boris and Betty discover that the only obstacle between their love for one another is Betty's marriage to the two-timing mayor. In a desperate bid for happiness Boris and Betty decide to stage her death and run away together.


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