Tulip Fever - Official Trailer

15,004 Views | 1:57 | Uploaded on May 02, 2017

The breathtaking official trailer for the period drama Tulip Fever is set during the famous tulip mania of 17th century Amsterdam, where Sophia (Alicia Vikander), a young woman in a monastery, is set to marry a much older man. However, she wishes for more. Her abbess (Judi Dench) quickly reminds her that she could've easily been an orphan with zero prospects and that marriage is her best option. So Sophia marries Cornelis Sandvoort (Christoph Waltz) and settles for an ordinary life of wealth and propriety.

That is, until she meets a young artist named Jan (Dan DeHaan) whom her husband has commissioned to paint her. The two enter into a passionate affair that eventually leads to chaos, dysfunction and the ultimate undoing of both their lives.


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