TRUTH BE TOLD - Season 3 Trailer

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True crime podcaster Poppy Parnell (Octavia Spencer), who rose to fame after covering the trial of Warren Cave (Aaron Paul), who was imprisoned at 16 for murdering Chuck Burnham, is asked to be a witness at a retrial 20 years later when Burnham's daughter's testimony is questioned.

Cave, who admits to being in the Burnham's home on the night of the murder, claims he was framed for the crime. He says he was only there stealing pills and left as soon as he heard a strange noise. Poppy decides to investigate to find out if Warren is telling the truth.

Season 2: Poppy attends an art exhibit for her friend, successful lifestyle guru Micah (Kate Hudson), but it ends in a shocking tragedy.

Season 3: Poppy, frustrated by the lack of media attention for several young missing Black girls, teams with an unorthodox principal (Gabrielle Union) to keep the victims' names in the public eye while chasing down leads to a suspected sex trafficking ring that may have ensnared them.

Based on the novel Are You Sleeping by Kathleen Barber.


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