The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest Trailer

1,040 Views | 1:49 | Uploaded on May 24, 2013

Accompany present-day adventurer Conrad Anker as he recreates the 1924 ascent of George Mallory to the top of Mount Everest to solve a 75-year old mystery.

THE WILDEST DREAM brings to the giant screen the last days of Mallory—the man who may or may not have been the first to scale the world's most challenging peak. After disappearing 800 feet from the summit in 1924, Mallory's body was never found—until present-day climber Conrad Anker discovered it, frozen and intact, 75 years later.

Linking the past with the present, THE WILDEST DREAM recounts Anker's efforts to scale Everest in precisely the same fashion as Mallory—with authentic equipment and clothing—to see if Mallory could indeed have made it to the top. Sifting through clues left by Mallory, some of which have only come to light with the discovery of his body, Anker and his team attempt to solve the mystery of Mallory's death and grant to him the accolades that he may well be due.


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