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When her widowed father dies, teenage Dot (Camilla Belle) moves in with her adoptive godparents (Edie Falco, Martin Donovan) and their daughter Nina (Elisha Cuthbert) who is around Dot’s age. On the surface, all seems well. Mom’s an interior designer. Dad’s an architect. Nina’s a pretty high-school cheerleader. But Dot soon begins to realize that this family is anything but the Cleavers.

Deaf and mute since age seven, Dot is ridiculed at school by Nina and her friends. But since Dot can’t hear or speak – and therefore can’t tattle or talk back – she takes on the role of the confidante. The school hunk (Shawn Ashmore) tells her all about his shortcomings. Nina confesses how she plans to solve the family situation. Then it turns out that Dot is harboring her own secret.


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