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Gil Harris (DJ Qualls) aka, Dizzy Gillespie Harrison, is the school nerd at Rocky Creek High. Ignored by all except the school bullies, Diz is convinced he will never gain popularity. Starting off his senior year, he decides he wants his life to change and realizes that the only way he'll become popular is with a fresh start at a new school.

But in order to change schools, he needs to be expelled from this one first. After breaking a number of rules, his wish is granted and he moves to East Highland High school across town. With a change in attitued, speech and fashion from a new friend, Luther (Griffin), from a nearby prison, Diz becomes the guy all the girls want to date and all the guys respect.

But when a bully from his past is transferred to his new school, Diz's little secret is about to get out, and then he'll have some explaining to do...


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