The Idol Trailer

2,222 Views | 2:04 | Uploaded on Jun 01, 2016

The trailer for The Idol, a film based on a true story, opens as a young boy in Gaza sings to a small audience of onlookers. Within moments, a woman atop the building behind the boy dumps a bucket full of rice on him, shouting, "Take your noise away! People are dying and you're singing?" With that, the stage is set.

We learn the young boy is named Mohamad Assaf and that he has lofty dreams of becoming a musician. As the trailer progresses, we're introduced to the adult version of Mohamad and follow him as he discovers the competition show Arab Idol. He goes on a mission to escape Gaza, gain access to Egypt where the show is produced, and share his musical gift with the world as a contestant on the program.


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