The Family Fang - Official Trailer

6,561 Views | 2:30 | Uploaded on Apr 13, 2016

In this official trailer for The Family Fang, Baxter (Jason Bateman) calls his sister Annie (Nicole Kidman) from the hospital to give her the bad news. Not only was he nearly killed by being shot in the head with a potato, but now his kooky parents want him to come home to recuperate. Annie advises him to stand up to them and we soon find out why.

Their parents are notorious for staging incredibly strange improvised public events that once involved their minor children. The family is infamous. When Annie and Baxter refuse to take part in the latest "art piece," Caleb is angry and both parents walk away, telling the kids they don't need them. Later, when their parents go missing and their car is found with blood stains and obvious signs of a struggle, Annie believes it's all part of a performance, no matter what the police say. She and Baxter decide to search until they find their parents, to prove they're alive.


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