The Do-Over (Netflix) Official Trailer

1,834 Views | 2:17 | Uploaded on May 25, 2016

The official trailer for The Do-Over begins at a high school reunion where Charlie McMillan (David Spade) and Max Kessler (Adam Sandler) cross paths 25 years after they were students together. As they play catch up, it's revealed that Charlie is a depressed bank manager. Enter Max's answer.

As Charlie wakes up strapped to a bed, Max sits nearby and informs his friend that he's wiped the slate clean for a do-over and faked both of their deaths. The trailer then revs its engines and accelerates as the pair finds themselves at the center of sticky situations, including car crashes and steep plunges off massive cliffs. In the midst of it all, Charlie develops a love interest in Heather (Paula Patton).


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