The Amateurs Trailer

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Andy Sargentee (Jeff Bridges) has spent a lifetime down on his luck. Though each of his "can't fail" enterprises has thoroughly failed, he has never stopped dreaming and dreaming big. Details like overdue bills and the fact that his son lives in a mansion with his new stepdad are bumps in the road to be sure, but if Andy's small town life in Butterface Fields means anything, it's that a man can start with nothing but a Big Idea and turn it all around forever.

What Andy lacks in finances and basic survival skills, he more than makes up for in friends -- a motley band of loveable losers who would follow him off a cliff. But this time Andy's got the "can't fail" that truly can't fail. This time he has dreamed up the biggest idea of all -- a way to reach for the stars and the big bucks while trying not to stretch the boundaries of decency.

Andy wants the town to throw its money, acting ability and dignity into a quest to make one of America's most popular products -- an adult film.


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