Star Trek Beyond - Official Trailer 3

7,909 Views | 1:48 | Uploaded on Jul 18, 2016

In the third official trailer for Star Trek Beyond, Kirk tells Bones that while his father joined Starfleet because he believed in it, he himself joined on a dare. We see images of Kirk's father commanding the USS Kelvin. This is juxtaposed with footage of Kirk sitting in the captain's chair of the USS Enterprise. 

We see a swarm of tiny ships destroying the Enterprise. Kirk says "we were overwhelmed by something... something we've never seen before."

The crew abandons ship as Kirk says "this is my last report as captain of the starship Enterprise."

We see various images of Kirk and his crew taking on the aliens that destroyed their ship. Kirk says "Let's make some noise."

Rihanna's new song "Sledgehammer" is teased in the trailer.


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