Snatched - Official Trailer 2

2:25 | Uploaded on Feb 07, 2017

In the official second trailer for Snatched, Emily (Amy Schumer) sips a drink at a bar while snapping selfies. An attractive man a few seats down from her notices and asks to join her. 

As the trailer continues and the pair chat, it's revealed they're in South America and Emily is accompanied by her mom (Goldie Hawn). We're given access to the hilarious rapport between Emily and her mom. But when they embark on an adventure together, things quickly spiral out of control and they're kidnapped. Maintaining a sense of humor throughout their ordeal, they devise a plan to free themselves.

At the end of the trailer, as Emily counts down from 100 with a gun pointed at one of her kidnappers, she says, "You messed with the wrong b*tches."


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