Septembers of Shiraz - Official Trailer

6,138 Views | 1:55 | Uploaded on May 17, 2016

In the premiere trailer for Septembers of Shiraz, wealthy Jewish businessman Isaac (Adrien Brody), along with his wife Farnez (Salma Hayek), his children, and friends and family gather in a lush, expansive garden to celebrate the prosperity of their lives and of their country. That is, until Isaac sees startling news on television.

Islamic extremists are looking to overthrow the current Pahlavi dynasty in what would later become one of the most famous events in Iranian history the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Their idyllic lives are thrown for a loop as Isaac is captured and tortured by the extremists. Now Farnez must fight to save her husband, while she and her family navigate the chaos of civil war.


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