Picture Day Trailer

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With a dysfunctional mother and no father in sight, free-spirited Claire (Tatiana Maslany) engages in activities that earn her a reputation at school and the nickname "Twist Top." The lack of guidance at home allows Claire the opportunity to do whatever she wants.

When she has to repeat Grade 12, Claire refuses to go to summer school and does a "victory lap" instead, or as she calls it, Grade 13. At school she's surprised to find Henry, a nerdy freshman she used to babysit. She bonds with him, teaching him how to be cool, while at night, she hangs out at clubs, where she meets would-be rock star Jim, 33, often spending the night with him.

When he asks her to go on tour with him, she begins to realize she may be in over her head. Along the way, Claire learns the difference between sex, intimacy and friendship.


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