My Internship in Canada Trailer

7,647 Views | 2:47 | Uploaded on Sep 24, 2015

Member of Parliament Steve Guibord (Patrick Huard) hires a young Haitian intern, Souverain (Irdens Exantus), who quickly becomes indispensable.

A former pro hockey player, Guibord suddenly finds himself in the spotlight when the Conservative minority government tries to pass a bill that will send the Armed Forces to war. A Tory MP falls ill — leaving the key vote for the initiative in Guibord's hands.

Unable to decide, Guibord decides to listen to his constituents to find out what they want. Meanwhile, his ambitious wife (Suzanne Clément) wants him to vote yes, but his peacenik daughter (Clémence Dufresne-Deslières) desperately wants him to vote against the bill.


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