Men With Brooms Trailer

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In the ten years since curling star Chris Cutter (Gross) left his small hometown of Long Bay, Ontario, leaving his fiancée standing at the altar, life has gone downhill for his former teammates -- Neil Bucyk (Allodi) became a dissatisfied mortician in an unhappy marriage, James Lennox (Outerbridge) has a debt with a thug he can't repay, and Eddie Strombeck (Rees)'s single digit sperm count is keeping him and wife from starting a family. And his ex-fiancée's sister, Amy Foley (Parker), is now a single mother battling alcohol alongside her regrets over not revealing her true feelings for Cutter years ago.

After the team's coach dies, Chris returns to Long Bay for his old friend and mentor's funeral only to discover that the Coach had perished trying to retrieve the team's curling rocks Chris had thrown into Trout Lake ten years ago. And to make matters worse for Chris' conscience, the coach's will makes a plea that his ashes be placed inside one of the team's stones, and that Chris re-unite the team and use the stone to win the coveted Golden Broom (the Stanley Cup of curling). Chris decides to grant the last request, and in need of a new coach, he calls upon a retired curling champion, Gordon Cutter (Nielsen) -- his estranged father -- to get the team back on its feet and in winning shape again.


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